Factor Installed Cross Beams?

My Chesapeake Sport Tandem is just about finished and I'm looking into transport options.  I've got a Subaru Outback with installed crossrails, and I'm wondering if I can carry it just on the crossrails, with some padding to protect the finish.  The only thing is that the crossrails arc a little bit, so I'm not sure if it will be secure enough.  If you guys have any experience I'd really appreciate it! 



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RE: Factor Installed Cross Beams?


RE: Factor Installed Cross Beams?

I use pads like these on a Subaru Forester.  they can be gotten at EMS, REI, Dicks, etc.  Also sold as kit with tie down straps.  I use two straps, one before cockpit and one after for short distances.  for longer distance or highway speed I and bow lines.  Two kayaks, 2 sets.  Have made long trips at 70 MPH without a problem.





RE: Factor Installed Cross Beams?

OK make that ADD bow lines.  One trick, any time the straps bridge a distance from chine to rack, put a half or whole twist.  Otherwise it wants to buzz in the wind. 



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