Cocktail Class Racer Chine

The picture in the B/W manual are a bit difficult for a definitive answer so i thought I would ask the forum.

I have attached the side panels by placing the side panel edge on top of the bottom panel. At frames 1 & 2 it appears obvious that the side panels need to sit on top of the bottom panel.

Now that I am installing the frame assembly into the hull, it appears that there is not enough room for frames 3-5 between the side panels where they meet the bottom. So the question is, are the side panels attached to the top of the bottom panels along the length of the boat, are they attached to the side of the bottom panels, or is there some transition dictated by the width of the frame.

Thanks in advance. Really enjoying this project.


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RE: Cocktail Class Racer Chine

The side panels sit on top of the bottom panels at the bow, transitioning to overlapping somewhere between Frame 1 and Frame 2, the exact place depending on how your side and bottom panels bend (each piece of ply can bend slightly differently from other pieces).  The transition point isn't critical, it's out of the water so doesn't affect racing performance.  Try to make the points about the same place on each side and eyeball them for fair curves.  Don't worry if the side panels extend slightly below the bottom near the transom, just keep them even from side to side.  Try to keep the bottom lines straight, fore and aft.  After inserting the aft framework and transom, begin tightening your chine joints from the stern, a little at a time, alternating from side to side.  The hardest part of tightening the chine joints is forward of Frame 1.  Use one hand to hold those panels a little closer together near the middle of the largest gap, use your pliers to pull the nearest stitch out away from the panels a bit to take up the slack in the wire, then twist some.  Less is better than too much until you're comfortable doing this.  Go to an adjacent stitch and repeat, a little at a time along each chime, alternating sides.  The chine joints will close up.  Take your time and keep the joints fair.  Good luck.

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