West and Mas epoxy together ?

We got half way through epoxying our NE dory today when we ran out of epoxy.  Does anyone have experience putting west 105/207 on top of curing Mas?  Anything I should be worried about?

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RE: West and Mas epoxy together ?

No problem.

You can even combine epoxy brands in one pot, if you first mix each with its own hardener separately. Or apply a sealer coat of brand A followed by fillets of brand B followed by tabbing wet out with brand C, all wet on wet or at least wet on green. After a layer cures, it doesn't matter at all what the underlying brand is, so long as appropriate prep is done- wash away blush and abrade the surface, etc. 

Within the West family, you can also combine different lines, such as adding a dash of their 5 minute "G5" to a batch of laminating resin for a quicker cure, etc. Each resin at its own correct ratio with hardener of course...

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