Skerry with Lug Rig

I built the CLC balanced lug and mounted it on my Skerry using the existing hole in the foredeck for the mast (where the sprit rig would be mounted). From what I have read the balanced lug is supposed to be "plug and play" in the Skerry. Under test at about 8 kts I was experiencing a great deal of Lee Helm. the more I attempted to head to wind the more I fought the boats tendency to fall off.

Based on what I see on the CLC site for the balanced lug sail as to the location of the center of the sail, it appears the sails centroid is too far forward in relation to the daggerboard.

So where should the mast be positioned on the Skerry? Does it need to be located further back or is there some kind of tweaking I can do to the sail?

Thanks, John

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RE: Skerry with Lug Rig


Any progresss?

RE: Skerry with Lug Rig

I have no hands on with either boat but in looking at the line drawings, the NE dory shows a bit of rake to the mast where on the Skerry it seems to be plumb. It could be that the lug rig is not quite "plug and play" on the Skerry. Also, in the pictures of JCH sailing the lug rigged NE dory, he seems to be fairly far forward so perhaps even in the dory the trim is different.

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