bevel madness

Hello everyone, Im in the middle of doing my bevels for my shearwater sport when I noticed I had it wrong, I should have looked at the little angle pics in the instructions a little better, My good wife has since given me a math lesson and Im now enlightened, however I have done the wrong angle on my deck panels, it should have been 30 degrees but Ive done the opposite angle (probley more like 60 degrees) so its alot shallower than it should be. Im guessing it wont really matter and I will just have to use more fillett to fill it, So would I be correct , please say yes Id hate to start cutting out again,

King regard and thankyou

from the mathamaticly challenged,

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RE: bevel madness

i've built 4 shearwaters. I don't  think it will make a difference. good luck

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