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Hello, new guy here. A little about myself, I live in Central Michigan, been retired frrom GM for 10 years, do a lot of wood working and just finished a 15ft stripe canoe this spring and now I want to build a Paddleboard for my Daughter in Law. I have ordered plans for the 12ft. Paddleboard and I like the stripe paddleboard that was just posted here recently.


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RE: New Guy

Well a big welcome from me, Im quite new myself, I havnt even finihed my first build yet, but my wife and kids have already put thier order in for a paddleboard and 3 wooducks , so although Im new I think i will be around for a while, this is becoming a very obsesive and additctive passtime. anyway this is a great site full of wonderfull people that seem only too happy to share thier skills and knowlege. so enjoy and look foward to hearing about your boat building adventures


Locky from West Aus.......

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