oxford shell and Piantedosi row wing installation

I'm am just about ready to install a Piantedosi row wing into my nearly (finally) finished shell.  I'm perplexed by the instructions provided by CLC, and the row-wing instructins don't help much.  I can't find picutres on line to help guide me.

 Anyone put one in before?  What specifically is a "mounting plate"?  Is that something that came with the kit?  If so, mine's no where to be found...so can I make one?  What are leveling legs?

 I must add, for the price paid, I would have hoped the Piantedosi would come with better picutres and instructions.

 Cary Gottlieb

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RE: oxford shell and Piantedosi row wing installation


I don't have a digital version to post here, but as with so many things, a picture's worth a thousand words.  Complete installation drawings for the Piantedosi Row Wing are shown, at full size, on the last page of the Oxford Shell's blueprints---not in the instruction manual.
Yes, the instructions that Piantedosi sends along for assembly of the stand-alone unit are lousy. 

RE: oxford shell and Piantedosi row wing installation

Yes those instructions really stink, but once you get in and row you'll forget about that and be thrilled with the ride.

RE: oxford shell and Piantedosi row wing installation

Hi Cary,

      I was having the exact same problem last week with the row wing installation.  John is right about where to look for the installation instructions.  I'm going to run through it from my recent experience.

      In my humble opinion, and this incorporates helpful advice from others most certainly:  

      1. locate the wooden pieces that came from the kit (or build them according to the plans).   Each of the two ends of the row wing is done quite similarly, so split the pieces into two groups. The mounting plate is the larger flat piece,about 8-10 inches long, rectangular.  

      2. Trial fit:  Level the boat as it would be in the water; on some sawhorses etc.   Place those mounting plates spanning across the centerline (keel line) and centered.   

      What I did was actually place the row wing, with those L shaped brackets mounted on each end (the leveling legs), into the supported boat.    I put them on the mounting plates and then checked the placement measurements (distance from bow, centering).  

      With the L shape brackets placed on the mounting plates, trial fit those short beveled boards overtop the leveling legs.  The spacers then go on the outside of the legs and underneath the short board and on top of the mounting plate.  

     3. Now, what I did was checked and rechecked all the measurements for placement with the plans.  

         Then I outlined all the placements in pencil to use after epoxy was applied.

      *I will also mention that Gary Piantedosi (in this great forum) mentions that the Bow end of the monorail should be slightly higher than the stern end.  He indicates about 1/2" to 1" difference is the target; with the goal being a "downhill" roll on the recovery.  

     4. Upon gluing, I made I think about a cup of very thickened epoxy for each mounting plate.  I put most of it then on the bottom of the plate and then placed em in there with force to squeeze the epoxy out the sides and achieve both leveled plates and centering.  I also checked the placement again by placing the row wing back in the boat (briefly).  

     So thats the plates, I let them cure a day and then did the spacers and hold down boards the next day.  

     **The plans indicate that the hold down boards are to be held in place by screws going into the spacer etc.  

         I didn't use screws, I just wrapped the leveling legs with plastic (while mounted properly on the monorail) and emplaced all the pieces; then I used generous epoxy to hold them all in.  My leveling legs still come out fine, but are very tight (as I intended).  

        I took the whole thing out today for practice and the mounting worked just great.  At the end I noticed a little bit of left right wobble in the monorail which seemed to be due to the screws being slightly loose and a little from the mounting.   I plan now to just cast the leveling legs in epoxy so they can't be removed, but should be pretty darn stable.   

     good luck!  This part is really key to proper operation, don't rush.  

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