Great Auk 17' forms

Hey everyone,

I have been working on a great auk 17' (my first ever kayak build project) and I've made pretty good progress.  I built my strongback and put my forms on and got them all spaced correctly.  My question though is about the .5 form on the great auk 17'.  The plans look like the .5 and the number 1 form are supposed to be level with each other on the sheer line.  If I make them level, however, the .5 form looks like it will interfere with my internal stem when laying strips.  I was thinking about cutting the .5 form so it doesn't interfere with the internal stem and the strips, but I didn't want to do anything without consulting someone.  Did anyone have this problem or know what to do? 

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RE: Great Auk 17' forms

I had the same issue with those two formers. It's been a good thre years but if memory serves me right the solution was to bevel them to match curve of the hull in that area. The angle the strips make laying on the other formers is small enough not to need this , but at the stem and stern things are coming together at a larger angle so it can't be avoided.




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