WD12H Cockpit coaming installation

Ready to attach the forms and start stripping my Woodduck 12 hybrid. What is the trick to having the strips meet up with the front edge of the coaming?  I'm confused by the rapid change in forms from 4.5 to 5.5; does the front edge rest on the lip of the curved form 4.5? Do I need to tack the coaming on forms 5.5-7.5 to maintain position and bend it upward?


By the way - thanks to those posting pictures of your builds - it helps to know that I do have the forms generally in the right spot!  I just haven't found a photo of the coaming in place prior to stripping.



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RE: WD12H Cockpit coaming installation

I'm finishing my WD12H now. And yes the front edge of the coaming ring should rest on the form. The cedar strips line up with the top edge of the ring with a little coaxing. Try a test strip in different positions. Good luck. So far my kayak looks great.

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