Wherry build complete

First build, lots of imperfections (matching the character of the builder my wife might say), but its looking pretty good- thanks in no small part to the last couple coats of satin varnish.

Thanks much for all the wisdom imparted on this forum.

Here is a short video of the later stages of the project-





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RE: Wherry build complete

Congratulations, Hickory.

I've enjoyed watching your boat come together.  it looks fine to me, and I've learned a fair bit (your discovery about the sliding seat is only the latest). I hope it rows as well as it looks.


RE: Wherry build complete

Thanks Thorn!  I've had her out three times so far, and after I got the rowing rig and oars adjusted properly, she's handled very nicely.  My rowing skills need sharpening, but she's fast and true.

This Wherry is really a calm water boat.  When the wind is blowing or the surface is choppy, its time to go out in some other craft.  As you sweep the oars back for the next stroke, you have maybe a foot max of clearance above the surface, and chop will easily catch your oars.

I walk it down to a beach for launching with a cart that fits in the boat while I'm out on the water, about 5 blocks.  Works just fine.  And sure looks good.



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