Does anyone know if the transom cut on the Peeler is for a 15 inch or 20 inch OB? From the pictures I've seen it looks like 15". Or is the cut to be determined by the builder?

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RE: Peeler

The Peeler transom is cut out for a 20" outboard.

RE: Peeler

Robert: How is your Peeler coming? I still think about the console steering you mentioned. Is the drawing you posted on the forum  your design or what John was thinking of? It looks good. I'm not at all familiar with what it takes to get the wheel steering, throttle, shift and start all at the console. Can a builder normally do it himself with all of the components available or is a professional needed? Are you posting your build anywhere? I ran into a couple of your photos on the Wooden Boat Forum "WHAT ARE YOU BUILDING?"    Thanks, Ken.

RE: Peeler


My peeler is coming along slowly but steadily. I will be ready to turn her over to fiberglass the hull next week hopefully. The console steering plan I posted was mine. John has mentioned a possible idea for one but I will let him disclose it. I think his is a better design and is an example of "out of the box" thinking.

If your outboard is already set up for remote steering from the factory, you will need:

a wheel - usually with a 3/4" keyed morse taper slot

a remote steering unit and cable. The steering unit is mounted on the console and the cable is run aft to the outboard. Telex makes the popular units and cable sets.

You will need a remote shift-throttle unit to be mounted on the console. This unit is usually purchased from the manufacturer of your outboard and should be available at that dealer. If your outboard is manufactured as a remote unit you should be able to set up the console yourself.

If your outboard has a tiller attached to it you will need to have the tiller removed and a modification made to allow remote steering and throttle control - which usually costs lots of money. You may be able to buy a kit to do this from the manufacturer but from what I'm told it isn't easy to get it working right and the service department would be better able to do it. This is my understanding of remote steering. Be advised that I have never had a remotely steered outboard nor actually set one up. I have mostly had sailboats with tiller or fixed/rudder steering and paddled kayaks.

Will post some new photos of my Peeler soon.

RE: Peeler

Thanks Robert for the information. What does "remote" actually mean? Is it wireless? Discount Outboards online make mention they can't ship outboards with the remote feature. I'm too much in the dark to really know what they are talking about. Many years ago my friend had a runabout with a console wheel and everything was connected with cables back to the motor. Thats all I can remember. Since then, my boats had small outboards with tillers. I think a wheel in the Peeler would be classy but not sure of the additional cost and headaches to make it all work.  Thanks for your help and good luck with your Peeler project.  Ken

RE: Peeler

I think if you study this PDF sheet from Teleflex you will better understand the remote steering components.  The mechanical cable connects to the steering unit (basically a rack and pinion system) and you will need the cable the correct to reach from your console to the outboard. One cable only is needed for steering and one for the throttle unit (not from Teleflex)


RE: Peeler

Hi Robert and all,

Back from a holiday in Ocracoke (just in time) and glad to see the Peeler is soon to be released.

I've a question regarding the use of Epoxy. 

How much odor occurs when using?

I ask as our bedroom is over the garage I intend to do the build in.

Will I need to setup a ventalation system to assure my wife doesn't freakout?



RE: Peeler


Sorry about the delay in answering your query.

The MAS epoxy sent with the Peeler (and I believe all kits) is almost odorless and nonflamable. I did wear a 3M half mask in the beginning but towards the end would forget to put it on. Sanding however still requires a good dusk mask at all times - especially while the epoxy is still not fully cured. I had an exhaust fan going while working most of the time.

I have the bottom completed now with System Three's 2 part paint. I haven't had the time lately to keep working full time on the Peeler but do have it flipped back over on her bottom and am installing the gunnels. Interior varnish is next then onto the trailer and splash.

It did take me about 50 additional hours to add a second  layer of plywood to the 3/8ths original bottom which came with my kit. This entailed making patterns, screwing and gluing then removing 150 screws, shaping and fairing the edges etc. New kits will have the thicker bottoms and won't have this extra work.

bottom paint complete

The New Woodenboat Magazine issue has a nice write up on the Peeler in Mike O'Brien's design section. Mike likes the Peeler - I told John it would prove to be a popular design. Ya'll order one and have some fun.

RE: Peeler

Very sharp boat Robert, thanks for sharing the photo. I'll bet the xtra bottom layer was alot of work. Hopefully you hadn't put the center or skids on yet or painted. The Wooden Boat article is well done about the Peeler and gives it a "thumbs up" review. Ken

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