Question and idea about finishing Skerry

I've been having a little trouble getting all the surfaces perfectly smooth on the Skerry hull.  I plan to do a little more sanding and re-applications of thin epoxy coats, but don't think I'll be able to get it totally smooth.  (Don't want to rush things too much, but I would like to get this boat in the water before my 70th birthday in October!)

That being said, has anyone had much luck with the high-fill primer?  I used it on my kayak, but maybe didn't sand it down enough because the adhesion of the Interlux paint is very weak.  Just the slightest scrape and off it comes. 

When I have time I plan to sand the whole thing down, including most of the primer and repaint the kayak.  Before I go to all that trouble or use the primer on my Skerry though, I want to hear other's advice, i.e., maybe the problem I talk about above is to be expected with the high-fill primer.  Or, maybe the Interlux paint just doesn't stick that well whether you use the primer or not.  I don't know--am eager for advice.

On a related note, CLC jokes in their manual about "non-slip surfaces" due to not enough sanding.  This reminded me of a thought I had.  On the floor of the boat, what about not totally filling the weave?  That would leave a rougher and safer surface.  I don't think this would take a lot away from the strength, given that there is another layer of 'glass and epoxy on the outside.  Any thoughts on this?

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RE: Question and idea about finishing Skerry

I can address a couple of your points.  The high fill primer I applied before the interlux paint is designed to fill small irregularities in the surface and as a result is mostly sanded away before painting.  Mine was pretty much gone except for the scratches and dings.  As far as not filling the weave, if it ever requires the finish stripped prior to repainting it will be almost impossible to remove all the old finish without seriously sanding into the fiberglass.  If you completely fill the weave you can use a non-skit additive to your final coat of paint.  Dont forget though there will be knees and legs on that non skid and it may be very uncomfortable.  You arent going to be doing any walking around in a Skerry so I don't really see much need for non skid.

RE: Question and idea about finishing Skerry

Thanks for the advice.  I was seeing the word "primer" in high-fill primer and so was not sanding much of it off.  Know better now.  Most likely this winter I will sand the Kayak down, including most of the primer, and re-paint it.

I get your point about the non-skid surface in a Skerry--definitely not a good idea.  Also, should always fill the weave for a reason I had not thougth of.

Great to be able to get advice from people who know what they are talking about!  This is not the case on most forums.

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