clc 17 light kayak

1) nothing much in the manuel about glassing the cockpit, tho' description in video. why is that?

2)when 'glassing cockpit, can you do it after the unthickened epoxy i put in there dries or does the bottom need to be wet?

3)does the 'glass go just to the bottom of the sheers or up the interior sides? 

4 really hard getting glass up into the very ends of the bow and srern to cover epoxy putty. i'm assuming it doesnt matter too much? 

5) end pours -does the cardboard dam just stay there as a hidden but permanent part of the boat? 


Michael H 

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RE: clc 17 light kayak


You need to wet out the cockpit fibreglass as you install it, so the wood should be bare when you start - except for the fillet areas. Lay the glass in dry and bring it up and over the sides and pin it with spring clamps to the sheer clamps.  Smooth it out with your hands then start to wet it out by pouring the epoxy and squeeging it to the underside of the sheer clamps.   Don't allow the epoxy to puddle - squeegie it well so that you get a nice fibreglass texture after two coats of epoxy.

Trim the fibreglass at the underside of the sheer clamps after letting the first coat cure overnight. 


Your fourth question - I take it you mean brushing clear epoxy in the bulkhead areas towards the bow and stern.  The panels do come close together making for a tight squeeze but if you stick a full length pencil into the open end handle of an acid brush you can get the epoxy into those tough areas.  You should ensure that you cover all the bare wood with at least two coats of unthickened epoxy.

If you cover the end pour cardboard dam with clear packing tape it will peel off cleanly once the pour is complete.

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