Small brass floorboard toggles, old St. Lawrence skiff

A recently acquired St. Lawrence skiff has small, U-shaped and flanged brass hardware such that the "U" fits down in an approximately one quarter inch space between longitudinal floor boards.  The two flanges each overlap one of the adjacent floorboards.  A single brass screw via a beveled hole at the bottom of the "U" secures them to an underlying rib.  Thus a turn or two loosening the screw allows them to be turned 90 degrees, releasing the floorboard.  The floorboards were only about one quarter secured by such hardware, and elsewhere were just screwed into the underlying ribs making total removal laborious.  I would like to find, obtain (or have fabircated?)another 50 or so of these if practical and not exorbitantly expensive.  Any suggestions, advice would be appreciated.Floorboard hardware, St. Lawrence skiff

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RE: Small brass floorboard toggles, old St. Lawrence skiff

I haven't seen anything like that but I'll bet if you search you could find some flat brass material of that width and maybe a 16th or so inch thick and simply make your own.  Brass is really easy to work.  If you don't think that's a good idea, the people at Jamestown Distributors may be able to direct you to a source.

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