Forward facing oar system

I anyone using a forward facing oar system on a Northeaster Dory?

Will be doing a dory soon and want to use the set of forward facing oars I have on my present boat. It is a Gig Harbor Boatworks Jersey Skiff which I love, but it is way overkill for what I really need. (Beware of the option boxes)

The FFO system works great in our small harbor (Gig Harbor, WA) as I can dodge the captains who are trying to see through their highball tumblers.

I would love input from anyone who has the FF system.



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RE: Forward facing oar system

Have you thought about using a very old (dare I say ancient) Venetian oar system?  You will likely be familiar with this from Gondolas, however if you have seen a Sandola it is very much like a dory, and when rowed solo, it is done with a pair of oars, standing and facing forward similar to a Gondolo.

RE: Forward facing oar system

OK, my picture did not work, here is the link:

RE: Forward facing oar system


Thanks for the info. However, with a below the knee amputation on the right side and a pretty much buggered left ankle which works only with a carbon fiber brace (AFO) from the toes to the knee, I don't have the balance to stand and row. Plus, I really don't want to try swimming if I were to go over.

I'm pretty much stuck sitting.

Thanks again,


RE: Forward facing oar system

so then sit.  I do not see why you could do the same setup and do it sitting.  Would have to adjust the height of the oar holder (bracket, sorry do not know the particualr name).

Did a quick search and found this:

Hope that you find a suitable arrangement that enables to get out and enjoy the water :)

RE: Forward facing oar system

Gig Harbor Boat works FF oars is the system I would like to fit as I already have the set from my old boat.

Thanks again,


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