Building the second Duck

Starting my second build, a 10 wood duck, never did a all panel boat, hope all goes well, any suggestions on alignment for sheer to side panels.... and is wrapping better than stitching???  all replys appreciated...  Oceanhomedude  thanx in advance

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RE: Building the second Duck

 Hey OHD,

 I recently finished a WD12 after a couple of hybrids. There were no alignment issues with mine but attaching the deck to the hull was a bit of a chore. I was solo and an extra set of hands here would really help. I wound up with spreaders inside the hull and a piece of wire through the sides of the deck to compress it. Too many spots that were 'fussy' to wrap so I ended up stitching. All worked out well at the end of the day though. Good looking boat and weighs in at 38lb. Here's some pics, #45 shows the wire.


RE: Building the second Duck

 I forgot to mention the only Sapele I could find was 6mm. I'm sure this played a part in the difficulty of pairing the hull and deck.

RE: Building the second Duck

Howdy! I'm building a pair of WD10s, and I'll tell you right now that the sheer panel alignment was a headache -for me anyway- but patience and perseverence will get you through. I didn't try wrapping so I cant speak to that, but I did make up my mind early on to throw out the stopwatch and invest heavily in plenty of copper wire...I stitched on the decks several times in order to get everything as lined up as possible and to work out the best way to stitch them. 

One thing to keep in mind, too, which I found disconcerting, was the way the sheer panels bulged in between the front of the cockpit and the bow until they were wired down. I was convinced I'd cut something wrong, but those bulges seemed to be all part of the plan, and disappeared once the sheers were tamed. They do indicate that there is a LOT of stress on the wood in that area, so don't be shy about drilling some extra holes. Look at it as a choice, you can either have more little holes, or fewer holes that are all gigantic and stretched out.

Have fun!

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