HiGh build primer

I applied the Interlux white high build primer several weeks ago and just read that I should have applied the paint coat immediately after sanding the primer so that the primer did not absorb moisture.   I live in the south where it is virtually always humid.  Will I have problems with the paint coats?  If yes, is there a cure for this problem?

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RE: HiGh build primer

I built a 30' boat & used high build epoxy primer to seal the entire hull & helped it do a final cure & be very dry by placing an electric space heater inside to keep it warm...worked great, no problems in 12 years. You could use shop lights & a space heater to warm the whole hull & then immediately paint after it cools to room temp. As long as it has not been outside it should not be a problem. There are moisture meters that can tell you if it is a problem. Boat yards usually have these or maybe ask at a paint store. Dirk

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