Kayak stand for building

Any plans out there for the suspension system shown in the CLC video? I'm about to start on the hybrid deck and think I want something other than a saw horse to keep the hull on while working. Suggestions?

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RE: Kayak stand for building


RE: Kayak stand for building

I made a pair of the stands CLC describes -referred to above by dmnolan- with measurements and drawings: it was something to while away the time while I waited for the plans and materials to arrive. A couple of people looked askance at my taking the time to make the mortice and tenon joints and some of the other little details, but it was a learning experience and well worth it right down to the slight bevel they show on the feet. The stands are never in the way, keep the boat at just the right height, and if I decide to store them they will come right apart in no time. To cradle the boat, I just used a couple of the temporary forms as patterns to cut angles out of a couple of pieces of plywood and stapled some foam insulation onto them to protect the hull, but it would be even simpler to use strips of carpet. During earlier phases of the build I actually clamped the stands together with some 2x4 scraps so the hull was quite immobilized: it makes a huge difference having the boat NOT be able to wiggle or move around.

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