I am building a Chesapeake 17LT for a long trip, mostly on the Intracoastal Waterway, but we will be doing some offshore adventuring as well. I am looking to incorporate SOLAS tape in to my boat. Will it work if I put it under the fiberglass, or do I have to apply it on top of the glass? I figured, if I put it under, the glass would protect it. I am just not sure what happens when reflection and refraction compete. Any experiences? I was actually considering using the tape over the seams but figured it may weaken the wood-fiberglass bond. So.... maybe over the glass but under the fill coats?

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I would not put SOLAS under any coating, epoxy or varnish. You may want to also check out USCGFP tape due to the type of adhesive. Tape slitters are also available to trim to the width you need.

This is from an online supplier:

3M's USCG approved Flexible Prismatic Reflective Tape (USCGFP) is a marine grade reflective tape that comes in 5 vivid colors.  It is designed for permanent marking of navigational buoys, channel markers, dayboards, and similar equipment subject to conditions of extreme ocean weather, temperature, and saltwater.  It adheres to painted steel, molded polyethylene, aluminum sheet, cast vinyl, medium density plywood, and other materials (see product info for specifications).  3M's marine grade reflective tape is highly flexible and conformable and is an excellent choice for use on flight helmets, motorcycle helmets, saddlebags. and kayaks.   Edge-sealed to protect against infiltration by dirt and moisture.




Thanks for the quick response. Yet another lesson learned through the forum. Thanks for the supplier info too. See you on the water!

Rich Out

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