Epoxy air bubbles

I just finished putting on a light 2nd coat on my Wherry, it seemed done but a little tacky, I put the boat in the sun (Memorial Day weekend) and discovered that l bunch of air bubbles appeared. These bubbles were very soft and able to be pressed out with a finger tip. What do I do with the rings? do I need to sand this all down? Thanks for the help

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RE: Epoxy air bubbles

I had the same thing happen, but it was the underside of a hatch.  Out gassing caused the bubbles.  Some builders heat the wood first, by turning up the heat, etc, then turn it down after applying epoxy, so there are no bubbles.  We both did the opposite.  Sand it using all the precautions about sanding through the glass, and recoat.  More sanding just makes a smoother surface and a better finish.  Lesson learned.

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