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Hello  names Joe and I just purchasedmy fistset of plans and manual to build my very own pocket ship chances  are I might have a question or two down the line ,so in advance I say thanks for being here.

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RE: pocket ship

Good luck, Joe. It is an old custom here on the forum that you give your first boat away to whoever responds first to your post, so thanks in advance for doing a great job on this boat. Seriously, I was just talking to a fellow sailor I know about the Pocket Ship last night, how I often just bring up the pictures of it and dream about having one. You are a lucky person to be off and running with a build.

RE: pocket ship

Let me know when you get them. I have been waiting for mine for 2 months.

RE: pocket ship

Hey there , I was told it would be a couple of weeks,could there be a communications problem.?  And no I wasn,t aware of such a custome haha. 

RE: pocket ship

Ahoy Joe, Just ordered a Pocketship Kit myself. Asked for it to be shipped the end Sept. or first of Oct. A great looking boat with lots of traditional character. Hope you the best of luck in your build.

RE: pocket ship

"I was told it would be a couple of weeks,could there be a communications problem.? "

 I think John is putting way more detail into the plans than he initially thought was required. 

RE: pocket ship

Don't hold your breath on those plans. 

The Pocketship and its crew have not been seen nor heard from since their fateful departure about two weeks ago into a thick Atlantic fog bank.  While it's true that in the photos below I am visible shoving the P-Ship TOWARD that very fog bank, in my defense I would like to state for the record that I tried to dissuade the skipper from embarking.

Unfortunately, they had neither navigation nor communication equipment aboard, and at this late point it seems likely they lost their way at sea and perished.  Alternatively, it was a calculated, deliberate plan to shake loose from all the customers demanding Pocketship plans, and by now they could well be hove to or anchored off a tropical paradise.  Certainly they had enough provisions to make such a voyage  (I should know since I had to wade out and load the vessel because the skipper didn't want to get his feet wet in the "cold" water.)

We may never know...


RE: pocket ship

Alas was it,s name the SSMinow

RE: pocket ship (PocketShip)

I unloaded 500+ lbs of plywood sheets (with cutouts for the PocketShip) last week.  It came by real big truck and was on two joined pallets.  No forklift available to lower it off the truck, so I had to break it open and unload a sheet at a time.  Anyhow, it's now in the garage, all the various parts are punched out and stacked neatly.  Awaiting the construction manual (although John sent about the first 60 pages in as a PDF file), resin, cloth, wood flour, etc.  So, chaps, I may have received mine before they sailed off over the horizon, but don't give up yet.  

RE: pocket ship

John Pollard,

I saw an odd story on the web about a couple of rowdy sailors washing up in Ontario last week, going on about a ship in their pocket. Could this be the explanation? A left turn at Norfolk instead of a right?


RE: pocket ship

Ahoy Mates

  I hope your boats aren't as full of #*^/ as your posts or they would never float. Thanks for the great new pictures amyway.


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