Help!!!!! finishing Wherry

I just finished many hours of sanding to get my wherry in shape to epoxy, I rolled my first coat yesterday and let it dry for 24 hrs. I woke up this morning to discover that it was tacky from all the humidity. I also realized that I mixed the wrong 2:1 ratio on the first coat, how much of an effect is this going to have on things?  The 2nd coat was the right mixture, as I was looking over the boat I started to see that many of the fiberglass inperfections had dissappeared but I was wondering how to address those inperfections such as large uneven bumps, on the hull, epoxy in the feathering and the other noticible  blemishes that were not cleaned up with the epoxy coats. Can they be sanded out? and do I need to do a 3rd coat of epoxy? Do I need to varnish the whole interior not just the rails? I am not painting the boat I just would love to really make the boat as beautiful as I can because I am keeping it the naural look. Thanks for any help.


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