Bubbles in fabric! Kaholo

I was warned about making sure that the fabric was well wet out, and I thought it was. Just had board in the sun and there are bubbles!

So has anyone tried to resolve, post finish?? I am thinking a small drill bit, inject some epoxy and smooth around/ wiegh down???

Or do I sand it out, remove the fabric and redo??





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RE: Bubbles in fabric! Kaholo


I have had the same issue on my daughters ches 14  I used a razor to puta small slit through all the layers, varnish , epoxy and fabric, then injected epoxy. I used a small block of wood covered with plactic tape over the repair then wraped tape around the block and hull to get good adheasion. Mine were on the bottom of the hull so i just did a quick touch up with varnish. Hope this helps good luck



RE: Bubbles in fabric! Kaholo



RE: Bubbles in fabric! Kaholo

Lesson learned. Goo on fabric indoors (shade) and preferably when temp is falling rather than rising. Squeegee - squeegee. Add weave fill coats after original coat kicks. Never place an uncured (hard) fabric job in the sun - never.

RE: Bubbles in fabric! Kaholo

Yeah I am a little bummed out about it. Too many little ones to try and fix.

Good news is I dont think it will affect the paddling!! I am already thinking of removing and going with a whole different decoration scheme (over the winter)



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