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Hello All.  I have been maintaining a sort of blog on my Kaholo build.  Thought I'd share.  http://jlboats.com/projects_SUP.html


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RE: Kaholo build site

Excellent. My Kaholo kit will be deliverd tmw. Michael

RE: Kaholo build site

I noticed you mention on 5/21 that you "expanded a bulkhead" and in the photos it looks like you made bulkead #4 a little taller? Kind of curious about that because I'm having issues in that area as well. If I don't wire down bulkhead 4 it looks great but I have a 7/8" gap between bulkead and bottom panel. If I do wire it down it gets all warped.

RE: Kaholo build site

Well, I ran into some troubles with stitching it all together and the trouble still exists.  When I stitched it all together, I had the exact same problem you have.  So I extended #4 a bit.  It seems to work perfectly, but I guess I should have flipped it over for a better look.  The problem is that the hull concaved a little between 2 and 3.  The unfortunate part is that I did not notice it until after I had tacked the seams.  At this point, it is pretty slight, but it is going to have to be permenant.  If I ever decide to paint the bottom, I will fair it with some compound, but for now I am hoping it won't effect performance too much.

RE: Kaholo build site

As a solution...it appears as though the 2 pieces forming the hull were either off when I cut them or when I scarfed them.  I should have went to work with some clamps and small pieces of wood to find the perfect combination to adjust the bulkhead heights.  Once I found the combination with both good hull contact and no concaving, epoxy it all in place.  Hindsight is 20/20.

RE: Kaholo build site

Your build looks great. I ordered my plans and hopefully will begin soon. I have a question about how you scarfed the plywood together. I know the clc kits have a finger joint and I did not see one on your board. Did you feel it would not need one? Do you feel this is just as strong? Thanks for the input.

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