Paint Varnish Question

So I am about to varnish my rails and LO and BEHOLD!  There is a drip of brightsides paint I failed to notice cured on the soon to be beautified wood.  What is the best way to remove this problem or am I doomed to have a spotted rail?

Also, do people generally varnish the underside of the rail?  I'm not sure its necessary...

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RE: Paint Varnish Question

If you have a coat of epoxy on the rails it's no big deal at all. Simply  do a light sanding and the paint should come right off. If the rails were bare wood when you painted and you got paint on them it's a bit harder to get rid of the paint. It'll take a bit more sanding but the good news is the mahogany is dense enough paint doesn't penetrate too far. You could use a paint remover in the affected spot but there's a good likelihood you'll also remove some paint where you'd like to keep it. And, yes, the underside of the rails are also varnished.

George K

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