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I just received the new CLC catalog. Congratulations to all the CLC Staff members who produced this beautiful publication. Your high standards are reflected in all aspects of your company. I have truly enjoyed dealing with you and will continue to do so in the future.


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RE: CLC Catalog

Second that. Bill Cave looks positively distinguished on the cover and it's a visual treat just to browse the pictures inside.



RE: CLC Catalog

WOW !!!   What a great job on the new catalog !!!  The photo's are beautiful.  I have spent hours looking at it and still have not seen everything.


RE: CLC Catalog

I love it and I am proud to have my Mill Creek 16.5 photos included.


I am trying to clear out space in my brothers gaage to make him a boat of his own now. (No room in mine says the wife)


Thanks again for a wonderful product and inspiration.


A.J. in West Sacramento

RE: CLC Catalog

I've read the catalog on line only so far and it is wonderful and my future boat The Peeler Skiff is in it. I ordered a hard copy of the catalog and looking forward to it. Good job by all involved.

RE: CLC Catalog

It is a great looking catalog. It's obvious there was a lot of hard work put into it. First class and well done! Dave

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