**OFFICIAL OkoumeFest 2012 Recap**

Huge thanks to everyone who made it to our annual customer rendezvous. We busted the records again. We had more than 270 signed waivers for Saturday. (The actual head count was higher since not everyone was out in boats.) The Friday open house, seminars, and reception surpassed 150.

Page 1 of the photographs and recap is here. Page 2, which includes the winners, is here.

A much larger collection of 111 photos made it up on Facebook on Monday. Find that here, Facebookers.

CLC OkoumeFest 2012

The winners:

Runner-Up Best Smallcraft: Laszlo Morocz
Best Smallcraft: Steve Judson

Runner-Up Best Kayak: Mark Williams
Runner-Up Best Kayak: Dan Thaler
Best Kayak: Tim Clarke

Best in Show: Damian Wentzel

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RE: **OFFICIAL OkoumeFest 2012 Recap**

Thanls for the post, John. As usual, you guys did a bang-up job setting up and running this circus. It was a blast.



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