Stretch tape instead of wire stitches ---Caution

Following the suggestion in the Wood Duck 10 construction guide, I used stretch tape to "bind" the deck and hull when tacking the other seams.  It seemed like a really great idea, and everything was matched up and taped in place.  Next morning, the center section of the hull was about 2" narrower than the deck.  The hull had pulled loose from the tape. 

A trial fit made me believe that I could wire the deck and hull for the final glueup. 

Not so. I just finished the final glueup of hull and deck and it looks like I'll have a Wood Duck 10 Mod 43.

Despite prying, tightening, use of reserved vocabulary, I'll have to trim 1/4-3/8" from each side of the deck for a couple of feet forward of the cockpit.  I think the main  downside of this will be an ugly joint.  Anyone experienced this?  Have suggestions?

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RE: Stretch tape instead of wire stitches ---Caution

How timely given that I just did this a few hours ago, but I added a step.  I added cam straps about every foot to hold everything together tightly.  The plastic wrap was step one to set the shape, then the cam straps to hold it firmly.  I just ran outside to double check and it seems to be holding perfectly.  The plastic wrap stretches so I didn't trust it on its own.



Good luck in fixing it back.  Would it be possible to cut the tack welds away and start over?  Seems like that would be possibly easier than cutting the deck away to match the hull again.

RE: Stretch tape instead of wire stitches ---Caution

Darn! Is there a way to post inline images from photobucket?  Or edit a post after saving?

RE: Stretch tape instead of wire stitches ---Caution

Some possibilities suggested by CLC staff: 

1) use a heat gun to soften the already set joints,

2) install small cleats to hold the pieces in the proper relationship,

3) use a Japanese saw to separate the hull and deck to try the steps above and re-epoxy.

4) trim the excess and call it an accent.

I'm going with 4.  I'm in the process of sanding the hull and preparing to apply the exterior glass, probably Tuesday.

BTW, I did have two straps in addition to the tape in the area of concern.  When I do another S&G, I'll probably take time to wire the heavily stressed areas.

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