Primer Confusion

Getting close to finishing steps on my Annapolis Wherry.  I've got conflicting info on primer for the hull.  I'll be topcoating with Interlux brightside Poly.

Interlux says to use Epoxy Primekote Y404 2-part primer over bare epoxy, but CLC sells Pre-Kote primer instead (which is what I bought).

What gives?


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RE: Primer Confusion

I recently learned of this discrepency also.  I used the Prekote and liked it.  I have had no problems but recently learned that Interlux does not recommend that primer with brightsides which is exactly in opposition to what CLC recommends in its tips for builders.

I'm as confused as you but I would use the Epoxy Primekote as the paint manufacture recommends. 

So CLC whats the scoup?

RE: Primer Confusion

The Scoop is, that Epoxy Primekote is a two part paint system. Two part systems give off an enormous amount of noxious odors. Dangerous fumes that should not be inhaled. Most of our builders are working in a basment, attached garage and some in their attics. In other words, in a space directly attached to the living area of their house. The two are a bad combination. Given that Epoxy Primekote is designed to eliminate the problems associated with Amine Blush and MAS epoxy does not blush, it is not really needed. 

So the long and short is, Pre Kote is an easy to use product that has served us, and our customers, well for many years. It is, in fact, recomended for use under Brightsides.  The reason you are seeing PrimeKote recommended over clear epoxy, is to cover their rears if blush was not properly handled.

RE: Primer Confusion

I used Pre Kote on both the outer and inner hull of my Merganser, then finished with Brightsides. It has held up well for three seasons so far. The biggest advantage to Pre Kote is that it fills minor scratches in the surface. You lay it on thick then sand it almost entirely off before applying the top coat. -Wes

RE: Primer Confusion

Thanks for the clarification.  Pre-Kote it will be.  Thanks for all the great designs, products and advice.


PS- when will there be an epoxy product that is UV reistant?

RE: Primer Confusion

Thanks for the reply Joey, good info.  I wouldnt hesitate to use prekote under my Brightsides finish again but was curious why Interlux wasnt offering that combination when builders have called them for support, they have only offered primekote over brightsides when asked.  I think they should explain it like you did when builders call instead of blindly offer only the smelly expensive stuff.  I think we are bright enough to make a educated decision when given all the info and concerns of each product.

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