Hybrid Deck Forms

About to install the deck forms for a hybrid night heron, however it seems that the width of my boat is a bit smaller than what it was supposed to be, and the forms bow out the hull just a bit.  I am worried that when i remove the forms and reattatch the deck, it is not going to fit properly.  Are my concerns valid? Should I sand down the forms so that they fit a little better? or am I just being too much of a perfectionist and this is not something i should be worried about at all...

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RE: Hybrid Deck Forms

You didn't say how much the difference is or if the differences along the hull change in a fair manner.  If you are happy with the shape of your hull, especially the part that will spend most of the time in the water, change the forms.  It's mostly esthetics along the top edge of the hull panels so don't worry about it.  If you need to spread the sides to get an appropriate hull shape for the Olympics, you're out of our league.  Me?  I'd touch up the forms.

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