using a paper onlay


I have located an old nautical map of my neighborhood from 1961, the colors are great and I would love to incorporate this somehow on my kayak...the problem is, I have already fiberglassed everything, and I have started the finishing process with the final coats of epoxy prior to varnish. Can I still apply the paper map somehow, maybe under a coat of epoxy, or did it need to be done prior to the fiberglass? It would look awesome to have this on my kayak !



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RE: using a paper onlay

Don't see why not.  I would do a trial piece first. 

RE: using a paper onlay

Lay it on and smooth a thin coat of epoxy over the paper and feather the edges to flush up with the surface already there. Depending on the thickness of the paper, you may need to span over a larger area or add more coats to even the surface difference out. Should be fine. I would do epoxy first over the paper and not just varnish as varnish will probably tint the paper and be ruined when/if it is ever striped or sanded down.

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