Passagemaker daggerboard locker damage

Hi! Getting my Passagemaker ready for the season I noticed that the daggerboard has been grinding away at the wood at the rear/stern side of the locker, especially at the bottom. 

I had thought of fabricating a piece of metal (from ductwork so it is either steel or aluminum, my boat only sails in fresh water) that would line the rear of the locker. But I'm thinking now maybe I should just pad the daggerboard with foam wrap of some kind which will buffer the locker from damage and also help keep the daggerboard down. Thoughts? 

Can I only include 1 pic in a posting? Hmm. Well one pic below and links to the rest. 


Regards, - Ross

Here's the bottom, after I've painted and put some varnish. It was raw wood before I had done that. 


Here's a link to the sheet metal I cut out:


Sticking in the piece:


Flush on top:


Flush on bottom:


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RE: Passagemaker daggerboard locker damage

How about high-tech abrasion resistant tape?


RE: Passagemaker daggerboard locker damage

Scroll down on this page and you'll see what I am suggesting.

There are two options as far as I can tell.



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