Shearwater 17 deck radius

I cannot get my temp radius form for the deck to sit while attaching the deck.  This also holds true for the aft temp deck form.  Both are close to the bulk heads and I am tempted to discard these to forms and get a better bulk head connection.  The far forward temp form and aft temp form fold true to the shape.  The problem with the fprward radius is I cannot get a good connection foe the deck to the hull.  The hull is perfect and I'm tempted to weld the hull first attach deck and tack weld the deck instead of  attaching and detaching and attaching.  I think I used this method in the Shearwater Merganser and it turned out fine.  Any guidance would be appreciated I'm going to have a cold one and brew about this.Shearwater 17 radius form

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Link to picture of the radius

RE: Shearwater 17 deck radius

Is this from a kit or plans? I am building the 17 hybrid from plans and found everything to be a near perfect fit. I did move my temp forms and deck forms just a bit to be more snug and fair, but I had no gaps showing like in your picture. Being the first kayak build she went together sweet! My biggest problem now is deciding on which to build next. Best of luck to you!

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