It only took 10 months.....

Well,  my first (and maybe last) build has finally come to an end.  I say last because my wife would not approve of another $2500 kayak "When you can go to Gander Mountain and get a pretty blue plastic one for $500".  But honestly the whole build has been an amazing experience, including all the input and info from the forum.  Thanks to all who helped and made everything possible!  And most of all, thanks CLC for a kayak that I'm now afraid to bring anywhere near a rock!

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RE: It only took 10 months.....


Evil picture didn't want to work...either time...there is only one picture on flickr, but you will get the idea

RE: It only took 10 months.....

Nice Job!

But seriously, whats your next one going to be?


RE: It only took 10 months.....

Nice yak. Tell her that you could get a pretty blond Eastern European mail order bride for much cheaper, yet you chose to spend the money on the good stuff, instead.

Let us know how that works out for you :-)


RE: It only took 10 months.....

Hickory,  I'm not really sure on my next build...ever since I finished my 'yak, my wife has found interest in kayaking and I showed her the pictures of the WD10.  Plus I think it would be nice for us to build it together...she needs hobbies...seriously..besides work, working out, and crossword puzzles she does nothing.  I think she would find turning plywood, 'glass, and epoxy into a boat that she can use to "workout" to be a very rewarding process.


Laszlo,  Suprisingly, she found it to be quite comedic...she is considering another build!  thanks for the outside persuasion!


P.S. Took it out for the first paddle this morning..besides the whitecaps rolling over Lake Michigan, it was an absolute joy to paddle.  However, I think some of the diving ducks out there found it a bit to pretty, about halfway back to the public access, one of those little buggers dropped some bird juice right in the center of the fore deck!

RE: It only took 10 months.....

Ignor the feathered critics, there is a reason for the deragotory term "bird brain."


RE: It only took 10 months.....

Very, very nice kayak !!!


RE: It only took 10 months.....

In as much as we would all want to be able to continue with our work regularly, there are boundaries we have too work around with just to be sure that we will be successful with it.

Not sure how that would be able to speak up with your implementation but that sure is something that I could hold true on my end.  But in most cases that you think you have done enough, you just have to stop and look at it while savoring all the additional stuff you have completed with it.

Great job!

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