Kaholo leash plug and handle

Hi. I am getting close to finishing my Kaholo and am considering an inset SUP carry handle and a vented leash plug. I have seen others do this but I can not find anywhere how these are braced for attatchment. Looking at photos of both there does not appear to be enough "lip" to just rely on the epoxy for as much force may be put on these areas. Can anyone help me out? Here are links to the handle and plug I am considering. Thanks.



Also, if you have used the vented plug what do you think of its construction and potential durability?

If you have done either would you go that way again on your next build?


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RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

no experience with the leash plug but I built a carry hole in my kaholo. I built a fore sided box 1" x 5" that rested on the inside of the hull bottom and reached to the level of the top of the ribs. Then wihen the deck wqs installed I cut out the hole, rounded the edge over and had a well braced handle. SEEYA Jack

RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

I cut a slot for the SUP handle with fore edge up to a bulkhead (forgot which # bulkhead but handle was set close to CG) and then fishewd a U shaped 6mm ply piece about an inch wiide in the slot hole and glued it in. Creative clamping works well here. Then I used G-Flex and glued the handle iun place = done. 

No need for 2x4 of like size bracing - it's a Kaholo, maybe 40# tops.


RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

I instaled a similar sup deck handle and leash plug and fin box.  The plug and box received some small strucure and glass.  TYhe handle went right into the ply with no reinforcement - the boat carries in shear and there is no way the handle is going to require any further re-inforcement - save some weight.


RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

I have two additional questions in line with this post.  Would a vented leash plug such as posted above be enough venting to replace the breather hose?

And is it necessary to add any extra support to the leash plug?  Maybe just a block on the inside of the transom?  


RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

G'Day. Am glassing the hull of my 14 this weekend.

My thoughts;

the goretex vents cannot handle the volume of a SUP, particularly a large hollow SUP such as the Kaholo. Maybe a couple in a smaller surfing SUP in moderate temp climate would do but not the Kaholo.

I'll be using a screwed bung/cap such as on my surfskis. Open when not on the water and close it after the craft has been placed on the water. Haven't seen a breather hose on a ski for years and they are ugly.

If you are installing a day hatch lid, then you can incorporate your venting in that. Can be as simple as a  hole drilled at the top of the compartment.

You will need to add a block for the leash plug.

Paul's info re: the handle has made me re-think that aspect myself.

If you are installing a leash plug, can I assume that you will be using your SUP on water that might not always be flat? If you envisage being in rougher water and/or open ocean, you might want to re-consider your fin setup at this stage. IMO, the CLC fin setup is suitable for flatwater only. Maybe consider adding a fin box and fin suitable for a 12'6"/14' SUP if not alway on flatwater.

I'm installing a fin box and have a 10" hatchet fin for myself and a cheap nylon longboard fin for friends and family.



RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

Craig, where did you get your fin box? 


RE: Kaholo leash plug and handle

Hi Kathy,

I got mine from ebay here in Oz.

 I'm assuming you live in the states, they are available from greenlight as well



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