11 foot little auk

i,am starting to cut the forms out ,but in the plans it shows a cut out for the 10 footer but not the 11 footer for the strongback,do i add a foot to the strongback and copy the location of the strongback from the 10 footer or attach to the end of the strongback

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RE: 11 foot little auk

I have the kit for the 11 ft Auk, but have not started construction yet.  I can tell you teh strongback is 118 7/32" long.  Station spacing is 13 3/16" with the spacing either side of midship at 12 11/16".  I believe this boat is just the 10 ft version with an increase in station spacing.

Keep us posted on your progress.


RE: 11 foot little auk

the two form in question is the bow and stern

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