When traveling from BWI to Annapolis, are there any toll roads?

I ask this only because I've learned that there are some tolls roads that don't take cash.



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RE: Okoumefest

From BWI to the CLC showroom, no tolls.

Eastbound 50 to Kent Island - toll for the bridge. Westbound free. Bridge accepts cash, but the cash lines can get long. If you get into an EZ-Pass lane by accident, don't stop at the toll booth. Just drive through. They'll photograph your license plate and send you a bill by mail. There's a modest penalty for that (more of a service charge, nothing criminal as long as you pay by mail), so if the cash lines look too long you might consider accidently on purpose going through the EZ-Pass lane.

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RE: Okoumefest

Thanks Laszlo.



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