proper storage

What conditions are best for storing a stitch and glue kayak?  heated garage?  unheated garage?  outdoor storage building?  effects of dryness or humidity?  covered or uncovered?  outdoors with cover only? 

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RE: proper storage

if you have a garage string her up to the ceiling - perfect. Never, ever, EVER store a boat outside under a blue tarp. At one time I kept racks of epoxy sealed boats under a shed roof attached to my carport - kept them free of direct sunlight, rain, and snow.  Worked fine and temp variations from 0 deg F to 100 deg F didn't bother them. Variations of humidity shouldn't bother an epoxy sealed S&G structure either.

But if you have a garage that is  the perfect place. Ceilking rack or even better a wall rack. On the wall the kayak is eye level and visiting friends will go COOL! Toss them a promo pitch and they will get involved in the sport as well.  

RE: proper storage

This is not the best picture but, this is my strong cheap way of storing my Kayak.  I bought the brackets at HD and added the 2x4 to the top, then anchored the brakets into the studs in the wall.  This is solid, out of the way, and easy to access.

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