Pocketship sails

Hello All,

Has anyone found a source for cheap sails for a Pocketship?

Also, does anyone have recommendations for running and interior lights?

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RE: Pocketship sails

Check with Sailrite.



RE: Pocketship sails

I highly recommend checking out eBay.  I was able to get a sail that closely matched the dimensions for my CLC Sail Rig for $50.  There are several eBay sellers that liquidate property and for some reason they usually have sails.  Be patient and keep and eye on eBay and I am willing to bet you will find something similar to your needs.  It looks like the Pocket ship has a Spinaker and another sail similar to a sunfish.  Sunfish sails are a dime a dozen.  If you find something slightly bigger you could always cut it down and mend the seam to acomodate the size you need.  Many people will tel you that you will decrease the performance of the sail by doing that but its for recreational purposes unless you decide to race your pocket ship!  Good luck!!

FYI - Type in "mainsail" for an eBay search. 

Check this one out too: 

RE: Pocketship sails

For interior lights check out an auto parts store. I have two red interior lights to preserve night vision which are led trailer marking lights that cost less then ten dollars apiece and two white led accent lights for the main lighting that ran about $20.



RE: Pocketship sails

Thanks Folks, I'll heed your advice. 

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