installing happybottom and rudder kit on ch16

Well, it's been a while since the build and since I didn't have the bucks at the time, I failed to install these. Now I'm at square one in researching this info.

I think I understand that the seat is made as a mere suggestion of shape and thickness, to be customized by the user, but do I leave the hip braces attached, or cut them and cement them however I want.

And then, for the rudder. The only thing I'm not sure about is where to drill the 3/8" hole for the pintle. Do I place it where the blade has just enough clearance of the stern? It seems pretty close, but maybe I'm not putting enough faith in how solid the end pour actually is.

Also, I only got 4 cable clamps, which I believe are for the cable housing. I guess I was expecting to also get a fitting for the deck entry point for the cable. And then, what anchor do I use for the lifting line?

Any info/suggestions much appreciated,


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RE: installing happybottom and rudder kit on ch16

The happy bottom seat needs no modification. I use velcro to hold it in place and my bottom is happy!


RE: installing happybottom and rudder kit on ch16

Not sure what rudder you are installing.  My experience is with the Smart Track on a Sheaarwater 17.  The end pour will have lots of strength.  Be sure however that the hole is well sealed to keep water away from the wood.

Not sure what cable clamps have to do with penetrating the deck.  The instructions talk about gluing the tubing to the deck at the penetration but I think that's a bit sloppy.  What I, and other, have done is to end drill a piece of full round, broom handle etc. for a tight fit on the bcack tubing.  the cut the piece on the diagonal and glue it to the deck to make a bossing where the cable emerges.  Looks very cool.

On teh Fast Track there is a small jam cleat to hold the rudder in the retrated position.  I just ran that line thru several of the web loops holding my perimeter rigging and put the jam clear just outboard of the cockpit.

Good luck.  PAG

RE: installing happybottom and rudder kit on ch16

Thanks, Dan. great idea about the velcro.

PAG, I have the featherlight rudder. I think I have it figured out. The instructions seemed a little incomplete, and I feel like i might be missing some parts from the kit. Only had 2 hourglasses for making the eyes on the cable. I was looking for general measurements about where to drill holes in the deck, etc. I found the plan book, and that filled in a couple of gaps.

Like the idea about the broom handle.

Thanks a bunch.

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