Seat for WD12H

Looking for recomendations for a comfortable seat that won't soak up water.  The seat that came with the kit almost seams laughable.  Also, while I'm at it, a recomendation on a backband would also be a big help.

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RE: Seat for WD12H

The CLC seat looks like a joke but is surprisingly comfortable. I have used one on the wooden chair at my desk for two years. In my boats, I use seats that I carve from 3" thick closed-cell foam. This is easier to do than it appears. See photos at Scroll down to near the end of the page. Left click on the photos to enlarge them to full screen.

For backbands, I like the IR because it can be adjusted while you're sitting in the boat.


RE: Seat for WD12H

I use solid pieces of foam for back rests.

RE: Seat for WD12H

I also like the stock seat that comes in the kits. I use a performance back band because I like a higher back.

RE: Seat for WD12H

I used the supplied seat for a while in both of my Ducks. It really is not bad. I upgraded to the Creature Comfort seat for a more substantial seat back.


RE: Seat for WD12H

I used the same kit supplied foam seat in my CH18. But I was a little concerrned about sitting in a puddle of water with the seat forming a dam. So I cut out a couple of pieces of 3 mm okoume to the shape of the seat and glued them to the bottom of the stock seat pad with contact cement. I left a channel between the two pieces so small amounts of water could flow back and forth under the seat. A couple pieces of 2 inch stick on velcro finished the job. Now the seat is removable, adjustable somewhat fore/aft, and is very comfortable. 

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