Skerry Floorboards

I found a website featuring a Skerry builder's design for floorboards and found them to be a worthy consideration for installing in my present in-process Skerry.  My question is, does anyone have any experience with this innovation and I guess, for John, does it compromise his original design of the Skerry in terms of the boat's evolution?

The floorboards look like a nice feature and I wonder about the availability of a kit to build them because I simply don't have the experience, skills, or equipment to cut a piece of wood straight without instruction.  This is my first try at building a boat and that's why we did the Skerry in the course setting.  We're doing just fine though and can't wait to get her launched.  Maybe the end of September, we'll see.

Comments on the floorboards welcomed.  Best, Bob

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RE: Skerry Floorboards


I sailed Mike Delchambers Skerry last year in Texas and he has the floorboards in it. I will definitely do the same when I build mine. It might raise the center of gravity a few inches but there were no ill effects on sailing at all. If you get a bit of water in the boat you're not sitting in it. As far as building them, I know there's a guy who sells plans on the Skerry forum and you could probably find somebody with some woodworking skills to help you out.

Post pics when you get her launched!

George K

RE: Skerry Floorboards

When I built my Skerry I intended to add floorboards in case water came in and also it adds a significant wow factor.

Now that I have a summer of sailing under all kinds of weather, getting wet with water coming in is a non-issue. My skerry has been consistantly bone dry even in wicked wind.

Also I have found that on a few occasions I have had to move very fast sitting on the floor and sliding to a better balance position. I think that floorboards would have hindered me.


RE: Skerry Floorboards

George and Monday, thanks for your comments.  Two excellent points and I'll consider both.  The wow factor is an important consideration but extra weight the not-getting-wet factond are equally important.  Wonder what John thinks?  Thanks folks.  Bob

RE: Skerry Floorboards

I launch off the beach a lot... and keep a sponge & bucket in the boat to absorb the well as wearing nylon pants or shorts, so getting wet doesn't matter.  I've also considered floorboards, but thus far have chosen not to include them.... and, thus far, am happy not to have them. It seems that, in light air, I often end up kneeling while sailing my skerry (okay, it's named Sanctuary, so it's an appropriate posture)... it's a posture that makes it possible to shift my weight quickly, and it also enables me to have a good forward view (helpful when there is other marine traffic) and the thought of kneeling on slotted floorboards makes me cringe.

I've also got three "crazy creek" chairs (the kind that will flop out flat, and employ webbing/buckles to form them into a seat). I use "mine" in the flat position -- either on the center seat when rowing (provides mild, yet sufficient cushioning, and covers the daggerboard trunk slot), or in the cockpit under me (either sitting or kneeling) when sailing. The other two are for my passengers (when applicable)--- who report great comfort from sitting on them in the "chair form" in the fore/aft seats while enjoying their "Cleopatra moments." The chairs are also handy as padding between the sail rig/oars and the seats while all three come on every trip, but one or two might be left behind in the car, depending on how many passengers I've got.

Julie K.

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