Sticker removal??

O.K. here's my first newbie question... Just unpacked the Hybrid Night Heron, our first wooden boat kit, totally new to the process and we'd rather ask than be sorry later.

The hull pieces had a big round sticker on them from the manufacturer. I carefully peeled off the sticker, but of course have the adhesive residue left. What is the best product to remove the adhesive? I know a lot of things that will take it off, but we don't want to affect the wood or the epoxy curing process down the road. 


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RE: Sticker removal??

I gently scraped mine off with a cabinet scraper, and then lightly sanded.


RE: Sticker removal??

I used Goo-Gone and then a light sanding. Had no problems.


RE: Sticker removal??

I left the residue until the point in construction where sanding was needed and the residue and any trace of it was gone with a light sanding. You will end up doing so much sanding by the time you are done with your boat why bother doing any extra.

RE: Sticker removal??

Dear you can use the thinner, alcohol, petrol or the spirit for the removal of residue. Try any of these. I am sure it will work. Good luck.


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