hatch cover: epoxy before varnish?

Hi all: I'm installing a replacement hatch cover on my 16LT, and have forgotten how/if the cover needs to be treated prior to varnishing (the assembly book offers no guidance that I can find). Do I need to epoxy the outside of the hatch before varnishing?

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RE: hatch cover: epoxy before varnish?

Finishing it with varnish only would be okay, as long as you use many coats and then are diligent in the future about maintaing the waterproof integrity of the finish. The plywood will stain and may even start to rot if water penetrates to bare wood.

But it probably makes sense to finish it the same way you did the deck. If you have fiberglass on the deck, and have some unused cloth handy, you can also apply that on the outside of the hatch, fill the weave with a few thin coats of epoxy, sand it smooth, and then varnish. While you're at it, you might as well also seal the underside and the stiffening frames with 2-3 coats of epoxy, and sand and varnish that also.

Epoxy, especially with fiberglass, will provide an extra measure of protection against water and abrasion.


RE: hatch cover: epoxy before varnish?

Much appreciated, Old Yeller.


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