tapering skerry rails

I'm confused about tapering the Skerry rails.  On page 75 of the manual, after explaining how to taper the rails at the bow end and how the marks are going to be about 8 to 10 inches further in on the aft end (I'm OK up to this point), it then states, "Measure from the aft end and mark the UNDERSIDE of the rails at 9" and 36". 

UNDERSIDE is in all caps in the manual, so this must be important, but what is the underside of the rails?  Does that mean the underside with respect to the taper at the bow end, in which case the taper would be on the outside at one end and the inside at the other end?  Or does it mean the underside with respect to the boat, in which case the aft taper would be 90 degress to the bow taper?  Probably not.

If the taper is on the inside at one end and the outside at the other end, which end gets the inside taper, the bow or the stern?   Conversely, if the taper is on the same side of the rail at each end, does the taper go to the inside, against the hull, or to the outside?

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RE: tapering skerry rails


The idea is to have the rails look thinner at the bow and stern as you look from the side. To achieve that you taper the underside of the rail at both ends. You have to taper enough of the rail to make sure that the taper will show after you trim the ends.  How exactly you taper them is somehat irrelevant as long as the ends do not end up too narrow.  Also, you want the port and starboard sides to look the same so taper both rails at the same time.



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