installing VCP rubber day hatch

I'm trying to put the VCP hatch that CLC sells within reach behind the cockpit on my Chesapeake 16, where the deck radius is a little more than 24". The radius on the hard plastic flange of the hatch is 0- or flat, so each side is about 3/8" above the deck at the highest point. Should I build up the deck with wood or epoxy and wood flour to fill the space? Or, should I try to bend the thick, hard plastic flange to match the deck radius, or recess the flange somehow? Anybody got ideas?




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RE: installing VCP rubber day hatch

I have installed a rubber  hatch on my CLC 17 LT. After having tried every possible wooden cover for my front hatch, I still had leaks when I sometimes rolled, maybe more often failed to roll . I opted for Ross Leidy’s method which I found excellent (look , then “Whiptail”, then “Kayaksport hatches”). The only necessary modification (having no access to the underside of the deck) was to make a mold of the surface of the wooden cover, and use this mold instead of the underside of the cockpit. A small difference in the curvature is of no importance, it can be corrected when everything is fitted into place.Another method described in seems tempting too.In your case, I think there are simpler methods, for a nice small recess for instance, and I hope others will describe them. If not, Ross Leidy’s instructions work, and work well. Good luck!André EnegrenPost scriptum  : not many wooden kayaks in France yet. Plenty of admirers, but few builders.  Remembering a post from five weeks ago about Brest, I hope the situation will improve.   

RE: installing VCP rubber day hatch

Thanks Andre, I looked at your suggestions, and will consider them. Dave Houser, if you're out there, I searched the forum, and saw your recessed hatch picture. I have a couple of questions-


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