WD 12 Hybrid Deck Forms

I am a 1st time builder. WD 12 Hybrid, Ready to start the deck and having trouble placing the deck forms. The instructions seem too vague for me. The forms don't stay in place pre glue to test with  a strip. How high should they be above the sides ? Is this placement crucial ? Can you direct me to a more detailed description ?

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RE: WD 12 Hybrid Deck Forms

I am currently building a SW Hybrid, and I had some of the same questions. I found that the placement & overlap of the shear clamp was important if you want the forms to go in place just by butting the notch up to the shear clamp. I didn't overlap the shear clamp very accurately, so I had to improvise a little, planing the whole clamp down in some spots.

The instructions seem vague because there is NO absoluteley precise location for each individual form. As per the instructions, you want the curve of the form to meet the top edge of the side, after planing the extra material of the  shear clamp away. Ignore whether or not the notch meets the bottom of the shear clamp, there may be a gap, but its the alighnment of the top that's important.  Visualize a line going through the shear clamp to the top edge, and plane away the extra material. You can slide the form fore and aft until it looks right. I found some of the forms to be very tight, and some not very tight. You may have to improvise for the ones that don't want to stay put without glue, using tape or shims. Testing with a strip is important-you may find that once you adjust one form, others must be adjusted, like a chain reaction. Also, you will notice that the fore-and-aft Cockpit Apron piece fits into notches in the top of the forms, forming a sort of "cage". I assembled this whole thing in the hull, and moved the whole buisness around until the forms aligned properly with the top edges of the sides. I also found that I had to plane & sand down the top of the forward bulkhead to get a satisfactory result with a test strip.

Also, don't forget to test with a strip in several locations on the forms, not just the top.

I hope this has been slightly helpful. I just realized how hard it is to describe!

RE: WD 12 Hybrid Deck Forms

The deck form should be placed so that the curvature of the form top flows just over the sheer panel (the WD doesn't use sheer clamps).  Depending on each form,  it may sit slightly (maybe  1/16") above the top of the sheer panel but use a straight edge on each one to check that the curvature of the form flows nicely over the sheer panel.  Be sure to use heavy duty stregth hot glue when gluing as the regular stuff likely won't hold the forms in place.

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