Mill Creek 13 and sanding the chines

Got to the point where I a have flipped the hull bottom up and removed the stictches.  I sanded the panel joints and have noticed that in a couple of spots there are dips in the joints from being a little over zealous with the use of the sander.  The only way to see them is to sight down the length of the hull.  Is there anything to worry about or should I just press on and chalk it up to experience for my first build?  Overall it's been an enjoyable project.


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RE: Mill Creek 13 and sanding the chines

Hi Brian,

By panel joints, do you mean the scarph or puzzle joints (I'm not sure which you have) in the bottom and side panels, or the joints between the panels, i.e. at the chines?

Either way, both conditions can be quite easily "fixed" to ensure a sound structure, and to sufficiently please your eye -- especially if you plan to paint rather than varnish the hull.




RE: Mill Creek 13 and sanding the chines

Brian, I see now from the title that you did say chines. Sorry. If you will be painting the hull, you can apply some epoxy thickened with microballoons (or even wood flour) to the low spots if you did grind some unsightly dips.

A longboard seems to be the best tool for fairing the hull. It's usually possible to quickly make one from a sanding belt and a strip of thin plywood, or something similar. In any case, I like to shape delicate or important edges by hand, rather that using power tools.

RE: Mill Creek 13 and sanding the chines

The waviness is not really noticable unless you sight lengthwise along the chines and it's only a a few spots.  Probably a dip of less than 1/16th of an inch spread over 6 or so inches.  Structurally it's not a problem.


RE: Mill Creek 13 and sanding the chines

It sounds like just a minor cosmetic issue, then, that you are prepared to accept. It's a healthy attitude to take, especially for a boat that is intended to be used and maintained.


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