Howdy all. I am back after a long (six year?) absence from the forum, looking for a new project.

Oldtimers may remember my Chessie 19 1/2' project (as I liked to call it) which finally launced in 2006, the SPV Umumum (SPK==Semi-Paddled Kayak) Video is here: http://youtu.be/dNBuTd5iH64 if you've forgotten the hilarity.

She and I had many excellent adventures together along Monterey Bay.

We recently moved from California, and I sold my beloved Umunum to a buddy - hard to do but I didn't want to schlep it cross-country and the boat's a little much for local waters.

I'm now in the Mohawk River valley in New York, and am looking for a new project. I think I'd like to do a sailboat (for area lakes) that's easily transportable, and can be converted to rowing/paddling along the river(s).

So I've gotten my name updated on the mailing list, gettin' a new catalog, and am officially taking suggestions on what to build.

I thought about doing a scratch boat this time, but I rather liked the comfort of a kit, which allowed customization with a lot of chickening out to follow the plans when I got in over my head.



- Matt


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Welcome back Matt!

I know we've never met and I'm a relative newbie (3 years or so on this forum) maybe we'll meet someday as I am down river from you in the lower Hudson Valley.

No good suggestions. Sorry.




Good to see you back. I remember you and your oddly named kayak, the Unumumunumunmu, or whatever! Anyway take a look at the Skerry and the North East Dory. I've sailed both and have built a dory. Both row well, though I'm not too fond of sitting facing backwards, I'd rather paddle a kayak, and both sail well. And it's hard to find a 17' boat that weighs in around 130 pounds fully rigged like the dory. 

Looking forward to following your next build!

George K


Matt I'm in the Mohawk River Valley 28 mile west of Albany, I paddle my Petrel all over a very versatile boat and fun too.

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