Folbot sail rig on a Mill Creek?

Hi.  This is my first post to CLC forums. I have a 16.5 Mill Creek which I recently purchased from the builder (off Craigslist).  I also have a couple other CLC kayaks (18' and 16').  I also have a 1980's Folbot which I'll be selling soon.  My question is this:  is it feasible (i.e. practical but not suicidal) to put the sail rig from my Folbot on the Mill Creek?  It's a pretty big lateen sail, with lee boards that attach to the same wingnut-attached mast step that attaches to the front of the cockpit.  The Mill Creek and Folbot are generally - very generally - the same design.  I don't want to get into any significant modifications.  It looks like I can bolt the maststep onto the CLC if I just get longer bolts.  It would bolt onto the coaming.  Will the Mill Creek and the coamings take the stress at that point?  Is the sail too big?  I'm thinking I could even use the Folbot rudder on the CLC if I just drilled a hole at the pivot point.  Thanks.

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RE: Folbot sail rig on a Mill Creek?

I would do it. You might want to make some pads to spread the load around but I see no reason why it wouldn't work. There is not a lot of room to hike out so I would not make its maiden sail on a windy day but if you have experience with the Folbot you should be fine.


RE: Folbot sail rig on a Mill Creek?

Many years ago I had a 16' folding Folbot with the sail rig. I loved that boat, but lost it in my 1st divorce. I am currently building a Mill Creek 16.5 with the intent of building the Mk II sailrig for it. The Folbot Lanteen rig was simple and efficient.

Last year, I rented a small plastic sea kayak and almost imediately tipped over, but I have quick reflexes, The Folbot was extremely stable and I am expecting the MC 16.5 to be the same. If the MC is as stable as I expect it to be I would think the Folbot sail would be a great match for the MC. I have an old windsurfer sail I have been considering, but the Folbot sail would be easier. I await to hear your outcome.

I love sailing and this seemed the best way for me to get back into sailing again. I have been considering  consulting a local sailmaker I would love to have a sloop rig made for the Kayak, I have been a monohull sailor in the past and I am excited to enter the world of trimaran sailing.

I am still have a ways to go, waiting for the weather to warm up so I can glass the hull,  Being a bachelor, again, I have been debating glassing the hull in my house. Spring fishing season starts soon, and I hope to have it ready. Sailing weather in Oregon doesn't start until around mid-July so I have time still for that project, waiting now to hear more about the MkIII.

Good luck and smooth sailing.


RE: Folbot sail rig on a Mill Creek?

The Mill Creek is up to it structurally.  I can't comment on how it will sail without more detail (sail area, etc.), but would advise trials in warm water and gentle breezes at first.

The stock Mill Creek 16.5 sailing rig does very well with about 39 square feet, i.e., not very much.

RE: Folbot sail rig on a Mill Creek?

Thank you all for the input.  And don't worry, it will be a calm day before I go out on sea trials! (I live in Florida so I don't need to wait for the water to warm up).  I  guess I need to fabricate and glue a "mast step" to the bottom of the cockpit.  I only sailed the folbot 3 times over a year ago, so I'll need to set it up again to see what I need to do the run the mainsheet back to the rear seat, etc.  Thanks again -- you've given me a bit more confidence to try it.

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